The Creators

Lars Schwed Nygård

Creator and writer of Ontonauts

Twitter: @larsschwed
Instagram: @larsschwed
Facebook: @primenoise

Pål Henrik Roska

Artist on Shadow Trippers #0 (part 1), Lost Files: Have You Seen This Man?, and Lost Files: Pax Aeterna

Twitter: @palroska
Instagram: @palroska
Facebook: @yourpalcorp

Mac & Andreas Håndlykken

Artists on Lost Files: “Doggy-Dog World”

Twitter: @strekinstinkt
Instagram: @strekinstinkt
Facebook: @strekinstinkt

Ingar Krabbestig

Artist on Lost Files: Under God


Geir Moen

Artist on Shadow Trippers #0 (part 3)

Instagram: @hitmanpat21

Torgeir Trapnes

Artist on Shadow Trippers #0 (part 2)

Twitter: @torgeirtrap
Instagram: @torgeirtrap

Laszlo Seber

Penciller and inker on Shadow Trippers #1

Instagram: @seberlaszlo

Jonas Alexander Brårmo Larsen

Artist on Lost Files: So Joined Together (part 1)

Twitter: @jonasalarsen
Instagram: @jonasalarsen
Facebook: @jonasalarsen

Morten F. Thomsen

Digital producer on Shadow Trippers #0, Shadow Trippers #1, Lost Files: Have You Seen This Man?

Twitter: @mortenft
Instagram: @mortenft

Seth Piper

Colorist on Shadow Trippers #1

Twitter: @sethpiper
Instagram: @_slow_life

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