Lost Files (standalone stories)

Lost Files: "Doggy-Dog World"

In the Wagginton DC reality, the truth is that it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there. But does it need to be?

Lost Files: Pax Aeterna

With the aid of its very real gods, the Roman Empire has finally conquered the entire world – or at least the version of it that exists here in the Rometerna reality. Now that the last war is won, cowardly legionary Vitus Horatius Rufus is desperately looking for a peace of his own. But in order to find it, he must face the one thing he has spent his life escaping.

Lost Files: Under God

In the Regio Christi reality, Catholicism is what’s true. Father Daniel Calshender is an inquisitor – a hitman for the Church – who is assigned a case that will put his morality, his loyalty, and his faith to the ultimate test.

Lost Files: Have You Seen This Man

Welcome to the District 51 reality, where aliens control the government. A human mother causes a public nuisance in the search for her missing son, but hybrid alien cops Omnigram and Zetasphere are on the case!

Lost Files: So Joined Together

Welcome to the reality of The Metropol, a hyper-capitalist world fuelled by the addictive substance Murk. Naïve scientist Iniida o-Necroil makes a discovery that is as dangerous to herself as it is to her corporate overlords.

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